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The evaluation results of the third batch of CCRT models in 2019 were officially released
Popularity: Date:2019-10-03

On October 29, the release conference of the third batch of CCRT models in 2019 was held in tianjin. Leaders and experts from the automobile industry, representatives of mainstream passenger car enterprises and nearly 100 media representatives attended the press conference. Li wei, deputy general manager of China automotive technology research center co., LTD and director of CCRT management center released the model evaluation results.

In 2019, due to multiple factors such as the economic downturn, complex and volatile international environment, and unstable policy expectations in the automobile market, the production and sales volume of the automobile market declined. At the same time, under the situation of "electrification, intellectualization, networking and sharing", China's automobile industry has ushered in an important opportunity period of great strength. To break through the development of the automobile industry at the present stage, it is necessary to stick to the supply-side structural reform as the main line, tap the potential of domestic and foreign markets, grasp the core concerns of consumers, accelerate the adjustment of the industrial pattern, and realize the three major reforms of "quality, efficiency and power".

Since the CCRT evaluation system was launched in 2018, CCRT has established a four-level evaluation system combining user and test, including six second-level, 21 third-level and 72 fourth-level indexes of driving performance, comfort, appearance and quality, economy, safety and failure rate. So far, CCRT has successfully released 49 model results, and has covered most mainstream brand models. Scientific and effective evaluation not only provides more accurate and intuitive guidance for consumers to buy cars, but also promotes manufacturers to improve the performance and quality of automobile products, and promotes the healthy and sustainable development of the automobile industry.

This batch of evaluation covers 8 popular models of compact cars, medium and large cars, and compact suvs. From the overall results, there are 5 models with a comprehensive score of 80 points or above, which are recommended by CCRT in 2019, and 3 models with a score of 80 points or below.

The biggest function of CCRT evaluation system is to provide reliable reference for consumers to choose and buy cars. The future, CCRT will abide by the independent and authoritative third-party platform attributes, constantly to stick to it, continuously broaden the scope of evaluation, do real evaluation content, the innovation evaluation form, the real evaluation results as the window of the rational consumer decision-making, enterprise to understand the needs of the users, help change more high on the auto industry in our country.

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